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Silly Mistakes' Journal

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23rd July 2004

deathfully4:44pm: gum.
i was searching for this!

today, i was sitting at a desk. and i was chewing gum. and i was chewing chewing chewing and then...the gum ran out of flavor. i was annoyed because i still had about two hours left in the class and i wanted some gum to keep me from falling asleep.

and like every other bimbo...i stuck it underneath the desk. then i sat for about half an hour, drooling all over the place and finally my leg hurt so i propped it up on the chair in front of me.

class ends. i get up, move my leg and a string of freshly chewed gum trails after me. new pants. ugh.

5th April 2003

jig4:53pm: Stupid Pants-Thing
This happened a while ago, but it's still pretty stupid.

My friends and I were trying to see if we could fit into our school lockers. Needless to say, I fit, but when I was trying to get back out, my pants pocket got caught on a little hook and tore.

And they were brand new pants! My first time wearing them!

When my mom asked where the tear came from, I acted like I didn't know and then she just assumed it came from tearing the tag off and patched them for me.


Have A Nice Day,
Current Mood: embarrassed

24th March 2003

penguinzaz6:08pm: Random Pain
Today I was sitting at school, doing work when I realized I was aching all over. My arms were killing me, but I didn't know why I was in such dull aching pain.

I had a peace band losely on my arm, but even though I doubted that was the reason I took it off.

I was starting to get a bit worried because random pain is not good, so I mentioned to my friend, "My arms hurt so much, is that normal?"

The reply?

"Didn't you go rock climbing for three hours yesterday?"

Oops. Guess I did. My bad.
Current Mood: sore

23rd March 2003

syddle4:39pm: t00bage Incident One
About two hours ago, I was struck by the common urge to make myself a cup of tea. So, I poured some water into my teakettle and set it on the stove to boil, then left it in favor of stimulating activity. Forty five minutes later, I noticed that the kettle hadn't made any noise to indicate rediness yet, so I went downstairs to check whether everything was alright.

The water had boiled almost all away, and I'd left the top off the kettle. The steam had been escaping through the hole in the top, rather than the whistle.

All that work, all that gasmoney, for nothing. *weeps*
Current Mood: silly
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